Mott Street Group Apps Overview

While we have a variety of  mobile applications in the works, our latest project is called: Click4Good. Originally conceived as a website, it's grown into a full fledged mobile app. Click4Good App enables users to shop online as usual, whilst simultaneously generating donations to highly rated charities. There's no signup required, and the process costs users nothing (but the cost of their online purchase.) People shop, and Click4Good gives on their behalf. Whether users choose to direct a donation to one or all charities is their choice, but either way: the choice is good.

Depiction of    Click4Good App    Download To Shop And Help    #DoGood    Today!

Depiction of Click4Good App Download To Shop And Help #DoGood Today!


#DoGood just by shopping online with #Click4Good


Click4Good® was founded with the staunchest belief that: business and social awareness should not only coexist but also support each other. Click4Good's goal is to unite these two very different world's in a very powerful way. By putting the power in shoppers hands, we're hoping to see a grassroots revolution begin, showing just how much people care. Millions of online purchases occur naturally everyday...why shouldn't some of them be generating serious money for good? 

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Download Click4Good App To Shop And Help #DoGood Today!


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