5 Reasons A Little Nature A Day Can Keep The Doctor At Bay

How Nature Can Heal


The saying goes: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

What if the hidden knowledge within that saying actually applies to the power of nature to heal? Here’s five reasons a little nature a day (or at lest a few times a week) can go a long way in keeping the doctor at bay.




The longer I’m alive, the more I’ve come to appreciate the sweet, crisp and clean air I occasionally encounter on my trips away from home. Those brief moments of natural bliss, grant me a glimpse of what the whole world could be possibly be like…if only humanity could manage to get a hold of our “cause and effect” on the world around us. Nature has given us all so much to be grateful for, and it even enhances our health.

Read on to learn the five ways nature keeps the doctor at bay:

  1. Stress relief. Ugh. Life can just feel like a wet soggy blanket on your soul. Technology and constant bombardment from work and play can suck the life from one’s spirit. Luckily, scientists have found that spending time in nature can actually alleviate some of life’s stress. So unplug and get away whenever you can reasonably do so. Forget your phone on the charger and take a stroll into the woods.

  2. Supports healthy bodily immunity function. Since the beginning of human history, we’ve lived in nature. Nowadays, with our strong anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and soaps…people have forgotten about the good that nature does for us and our natural defenses. Tokyo researchers found out that just six hours in nature increased the white blood cell count of it’s participants for a time period minimum of seven days.

  3. Lightens your mood and restores mental energy. Researchers have discovered that mental fatigue and even depression can be remedied by good old Mother Earth’s natural wonder and beauty.

  4. Improves short-term memory. A study out of the University of Michigan found that spending time in nature actually improved people’s short-term memory. Who knew?

  5. Nature is literally the only reason anyone on Earth is alive. Common questions humans ask - “What is the meaning of life?” or ”Why am I here?”…The Answer - We’re here because life is possible, here. Different variables on this planet are literally just right to sustain the many life forms that call Earth home. Real talk…from horses, horseflies, humans and all in between - we all have nature to thank for our existence. Not to mention, we have nature to thank for the sustenance sustaining our bodies from the wheat, fresh fruits, barely and everything else that grows. Earth was here long before us, yet it is threatened my it’s own many children’s’ actions and very existence. This one’s painfully obvious, but nonetheless true. However…lest we forget: No Earth, No Us.

From massive over-population of our species and pollution, the issues ever growing here on Earth. It’s sometimes hard to envision an Earth without all this turmoil, but then again, I’m a dreamer and I’ll never stop believing in a better world. Even when I return home to my old New York streets…complete with fruit, fish and coagulated liquids splattered in the streets fill the air and swell my senses. I cross the street to 12 Corners and get a coffee (cause anytime is a good time for a hot cup of in my book). After, I sit on the steps in front of the building and absorb the world around me. The song “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong comes to mind as I ponder how humanity and our place in this world.