Shopping Online Meets Giving To Good Causes 😍

#Click4Good Introduction

One day a man in New York City noticed how many packages were being delivered at his building daily. A radical thought crossed his mind - “what if all these packages were generating money for charity?” In a nutshell, that’s how Click4Good was born.

Simplicity Meets Serendipity

#Click4Good was an unexpected project, but it’s cherished as our most precious creation...because of it’s ability to #DoGood. What’s better than a free, simple, signup free way to generate money for great charities…with very few steps involved? We can’t think of anything more wholesome than providing everyday people with a method of helping others just by making a choice that literally takes just seconds before completion. When humanity’s not united, it’s divided…and when we’re divided, we fall. Let’s unite for a better future for all of Earth’s children…


Vision: Business & Social Awareness Coexist & Aid Each Other For A Brighter Future For Everyone, everywhere.


How It Works

You the user shops as usual on or Click4Good Mobile Application, then next has two options: don’t pick a charity after and all charities will benefit from your online buy. Option two: pick a charity of your choice after your purchase.

Either way:


Cool huh? All it took was #6SecondsToChangeTheWorld

You Shop, Gives

Start Using #Click4Good to #DoGood

Let’s Revolutionize the Online Shopping Together… or Download #Click4GoodApp Now!


Millions Of People Around The World Shop Online Daily

Why shouldn't all those online purchases happening every single day be generating decent money for good causes?

Do You Think So Too?

You can help make a difference…just by using Click4Good.